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    Zypcom's New V.34 Modems exceed 200 kilobits/sec.

    • Supports V.34, V.32terbo*, V.32bis, V.32, V.22bis standards for data and V.17 and V.29 for fax
    • Uses V.34+ technology to boost uncompressed line rate to 33.6Kbps
    • Accesses flash memory to download new features instantaneously
    • Provides V.42 and enhanced (8:1) V.42bis error control and data compression for up to 230.4Kbps throughput
    • Supports AT, V.25bis, 801ACU and EIA 578/592 Classes 1 and 2 autodialing
    • Transmits on dial-up and leased lines with automatic dial backup and restoral
    • Provides network management interface and full security capabilities

    Union City, California, -- Zypcom, Inc. announces two new V.34 (28.8Kbps) high-speed modems: the top-of-the-line Z34-SX and the lower-cost Z34-SE. The Z34-SX is a flash memory-based design that simplifies updates or enhancements with on-line downloads of new modem operating software. It operates on dial-up and 2- or 4-wire leased lines. The Z34-SE an EPROM-based design and offers a lower price point. The Z34-SE operates on dial-up lines only. Both modems can transfer data as fast as 230.4Kbps with compression and as fast as 28.8Kbps without compression (33.6Kbps with V.34+ modulation). Zypcoms corporate-class modems are designed for data communications professionals worldwide and can be used across MS-DOS- and Windows-based PCs, Apple Macintosh systems, UNIX workstations, AS/400 minicomputers and LAN communication servers and routers.

    The Z34-SX targets buyers who need 28.8Kbps (V.34) and faster data transfer speeds with simple upgradeability for both dial-up and leased-line applications. Zypcom's Z34-SX and its downloadable modem software technology eases the expected interoperability difficulties associated with deployment of the new ITU-T V.34 modem standard. The Z34-SE targets buyers who need a dial-up modem with 28.8Kbps (V.34) and faster data transfer speeds and corporate-class features. The Z34-SE, with remote configuration features, a full complement of security options, V.25bis autodialing and a Z960NM management system interface, provides data communications managers with the required features.

    Both modems offer compatibility with all applicable ITU-T and Bell standards, including V.34, V.32bis, V.32, V.22bis, V.23, V.22, V.21, 212A and 103 for data transfers. Both modems also include compatibility with the public domain's V.32terbo modulation scheme. Error correction and data compression support cover MNP Classes 2-5, as well as V.42 and enhanced (8:1) V.42bis. Facsimile support includes Group III, V.17, V.29, V.27ter and V.33. And from a software interface point of view, the modems support V.25bis and Hayes-AT-compatible autodialer commands and EIA-578/592 Classes 1 and 2 for fax software compatibility. The Z34-SX also has an integral Bell 801ACU-compatible automatic calling unit for mainframe RS-366 dialing applications.

    The Z34-SX and Z34-SE support fixed-speed and autobaud data transfers at speeds ranging from 300 bps to 230.4Kbps. Line rates range from 300 bps to 28.8Kbps (33.6Kbps with V.34+) and offer autorate fallback/fall-forward capabilities. With enhanced V.42bis data compression for 8-to-1 throughput gains, effective throughput speeds can reach 230.4Kbps.

    Both modems include features that data communications professionals demand features not typically found on value-priced modems. For example, the Z34-SX and Z34-SE support network management, callback and password security for asynchronous communications, as well as link security for synchronous communications. They also provide network managers with the flexibility needed to deal with large IS installations where it is important to be able to run diagnostics remotely, change modem options, and pull down modem and line performance statistics.

    The Z34-SX, which operates on both dial-up and 2-/4-wire leased lines, also performs the automatic dial backup and call restoral functions required in mission-critical, leased-line applications. When a leased line is severed, the modem will automatically reconnect at the same speed via a single dial-up line. The Z34-SX can also automatically restore the dedicated leased-line connection when the line is repaired.

    The Z34-SX modem includes one of the most generous warranties in all of the computer business. For two full years after purchase, Zypcom will provide a new unit in exchange for a faulty one within 24 hours of their product's failure, with shipping prepaid by Zypcom.

    The Z34-SX and Z34-SE are available now. The Z34-SX sells for $749. Fax and communications software is available for Windows (Z34-SXW), DOS (Z34-SXD) or Macintosh Z34-SXM) environments. New versions of Z34-SX modem control software with all improvements and enhancements will be FREE. Registered users can download new versions of modem software in minutes from Zypcom's bulletin board. The Z34-SE sells for $499. Fax and communications software is available for Windows (Z34-SEW), DOS (Z34-SED)or Macintosh (Z34-SEM) environments.

    Zypcom was founded in 1991 to develop, manufacture and market hardware and software for wide-area-network data-communication applications. In 1991, Zypcom purchased Racal-Vadic product lines from Racal-Datacom and has since developed a wide range of high-performance products. The company offers 4-, 8-, 12- and 16-channel asynchronous statistical multiplexers; standalone and rackmount analog modems; modem accessories; and communications software. Zypcom markets products worldwide through distributors, OEMs and systems integrators.

    Z34-SX and Z34-SE are trademarks of Zypcom Inc. MS-DOS is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Macintosh is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. UNIX is a registered trademark of UNIX System Laboratories. All other marks are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.


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