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    Upgradeable V.32terbo Modem for Dial-up and Leased Lines Targets International Markets

    • Modems support V.22bis, V.32 and V.32bis standards for data, and V.29 and V.17 for fax.
    • Enhanced V.42bis error control and data compression for 8-to-1 throughput gains.
    • Upgradeable to 28.8 Kbps V.34 when standard is completed.
    • Modems operate in DOS, Windows, MAC, Unix, and AS/400 environments.
    • Dial-up and leased line with automatic dial backup and restore.
    • Z32t modems support new V.32terbo de facto standard for full-duplex 19.2 Kbps transfers.
    • AT, V.25bis and EIA fax Class 1 & 2 autodialer support.
    • Bundled fax and data communication software.
    • Features hardware and software for international homologation.

    Union City, CA -- Zypcom Inc., announces two new families of high-speed modems that can transfer data as fast as 115.2 Kbps with compression and as fast as 19.2 Kbps uncompressed using new V.32terbo modulation. Designed for the international market, the ZI32b and ZI32t families provide data communication professionals world-wide with a choice of compatible products that can be used across MS-DOS- and Windows-based PCs, Apple Macintosh systems, Unix workstations, and AS/400 minicomputers. The full-duplex modems operate over dial-up and 2- or 4-wire leased lines according to CCITT specifications for data (V.32bis and others) and fax (V.29, V.17, and others) communications. The modems also protect buyers from product obsolescence because the products are upgradeable to expected future standards such as V.34.

    For applications where compliance with standards is a prerequisite, the ZI32b-SX modems offer compatibility with all applicable CCITT and Bell standards including V.32bis, V.32, V.22bis, V.22, V.21, 212A, and 103 for data transfers. Error correction and data compression support includes MNP Classes 2-5 as well as V.42 and V.42bis. Facsimile support includes Group III, V.29, V.27ter, V.33 and V.17. And from a software interface view point, the modems support V.25bis and Hayes-AT-compatible autodialer commands, and EIA-578/592 Class 1 and 2 for fax software compatibility.

    The ZI32t-SX family builds on the capabilities of the ZI32b-SX modems targeting buyers who need fast data transfer speeds at reasonable prices. The modems use the new V.32terbo modulation scheme adopted by over thirty (30) communications companies as a de facto way to extend the maximum speed of V.32bis modulation from 14.4 Kbps to 19.2 Kbps with fall back to 16.8 Kbps.

    The V.32terbo modems maintain complete compatibility with V.32bis (and slower) modems including the ability to negotiate automatically the highest rate each modem can support during an initial call handshake sequence. Providing both modems are capable of V.32terbo, a connection yields data transfers that are 33% faster than V.32bis transfers. Featuring a list price in the $700 range, the ZI32t-SX modems offer an alternative to existing 19.2-Kbps leased-line modems that can cost from $1800 to $6000.

    Both modem families feature extensible DSP-based designs that can be upgraded to meet future communication standards. For example, a ZI32b-SX modem can be upgraded to support V.32terbo. Likewise, the ZI32t and ZI32b families will both be upgradeable to the 28.8-Kbps V.34 standard once the new specification is finalized.

    All of the ZI32t-SX and ZI32b-SX modems support fixed-speed and autobaud, DTE data transfers between the modem and host at speeds ranging from 300 bps to 115.2 Kbps. Line rates range from 300 bps to 14.4 Kbps for the ZI32b-SX and from 300 bps to 19.2 Kbps for the ZI32t-SX, and the modems offer autorate fall back/fall forward capabilities. With enhanced V.42bis data compression for 8-to-1 throughput gains, effective line speeds can reach 115.2 Kbps. The modems offer an asynchronous data format of 8, 9, 10 or 11 bits and a synchronous serial binary format.

    Both the ZI32t-SX and ZI32b-SX modem families include features that data communications professionals demand -- features not typically found on value-priced modems. For example, the modems support Zscript commands for callback security and autologon sequences provide network managers the flexibility needed to deal with large IS installations including the ability to run diagnostics remotely, change modem options and pull down performance statistics. The modems also perform the automatic dial backup and call restore functions required in mission critical leased-line applications. When a leased line is severed, the modems will automatically reconnect via a dial-up line. The host only notices a temporary drop in data rate. The modems can also automatically restore the dedicated leased-line connection when the line is repaired.

    The ZI32t and ZI32b modems both come in four configurations. The ZI32t-SX and ZI32b-SX base models sell for $749 and $549 respectively. For Windows environments, the ZI32t-SXW and ZI32b-SXW include WinFax Lite and COMit communications software and cost $779 and $579 respectively.

    For DOS environments, the ZI32t-SXD and ZI32b-SXD include DosFax Lite and COMit communications software and cost $779 and $579 respectively. The ZI32t-SXL and ZI32b-SXL come equipped with a cable for 2/4-wire leased-line connections and cost $849 and $649 respectively. Upgrades of a ZI32b modem to support ZI32terbo cost $199. The ZI32b and Z32t modems are available now. Upgrades of either modem to V.34 ( will cost $199 and based on progress in CCITT should be available next year

    The ZI32t and ZI32b modems include one of the most generous warranties in all of the computer business. For two full years after purchase, Zypcom will provide a new unit in exchange for a faulty one within 24 hours of their product's failure.

    Zypcom was founded in 1991 to develop, manufacture and market hardware and software for wide-area-network data-communication applications. In 1991, Zypcom purchased Racal-Vadic product lines from Racal-Datacom and has since added its own Zypcom products. The company offers 4-, 8-, 12- and 16-channel asynchronous statistical multiplexers; standalone and rackmount analog modems; modem accessories and communications software. Zypcom markets products worldwide through distributors, OEMs and systems integrators.


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