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    Zypcom's New 56K Voice Modems

    • Integrated voice, data, fax and video in a single communications product
    • Supports x2 56K* technology for faster downloads
    • Supports V.34, V.32bis, V.32 and V.22bis standards for data and V.17 and V.29 for fax
    • Uses V.34+ technology to boost uncompressed line rate to 33.6Kbps
    • Incorporates flash memory to download new features
    • Provides V.42 and V.42bis error control and data compression for higher error-free throughput
    • Supports AT and fax Class 1 autodialing
    • Voice features include answer machine, voice mail and full duplex speakerphone
    • Supports V.80 for videophone operation compatible with H.324 software
    • Includes Windows 3.1/95 communications software for data, fax and voice

    Union City, California, -- Zypcom, Inc. announces two new 56K high-speed modems: the external Z34-SC and the internal (ISA bus) Z34-PC card. Like their 33.6Kbps predecessors, these modems are based on Cirrus Logic's DSP, but are now shipping with x2-based 56K, and continue to offer a complete communications solution for the personal computer. Both 56K modems transfer data as fast as 115.2Kbps with compression and as fast as 56Kbps without. Fax, voice and video compatibility are also standard in these modems. With the flash EPROM-based design, an update or enhancement is a simple download of new modem operating software. Zypcom's internet class "C-Series " modems are designed for modem users worldwide and can be used across MS-DOS- and Windows-based PCs and Apple Macintosh systems.

    The Z34-SC and Z34-PC target buyers who need an upgradeable data/fax/voice/video communications platform for their personal computers. The C-Series modems are ideal for buyers who need a low cost, easy-to-install 56Kbps dial-up modem that is the complete communications solution.

    Both modems offer compatibility with all applicable ITU-T and Bell standards, including V.34, V.32bis, V.32, V.22bis, V.23, V.22, V.21, 212A and 103 for data transfers. Error correction and data compression support cover MNP Classes 2-5, as well as V.42 and V.42bis. Facsimile support includes Group III, V.17, V.29 and V.27ter. And from a software interface point of view, the modems support Hayes-AT-compatible autodialer commands and EIA-578 Class 1 for fax software compatibility.

    The Z34-SC and Z34-PC support fixed-speed and autobaud data transfers at speeds ranging from 300 bps to 115.2Kbps. Line rates range from 300 bps to 56Kbps and offer autorate fallback/fall-forward capabilities. With V.42bis data compression, effective throughput speeds can reach 115.2Kbps. The Z34-SC and Z34-PC support the IS-101 (AT+V) voice command set, offering features such as answer machine, voice mail and full duplex speakerphone. The Z34-SC has a built-in microphone and speaker, eliminating the need to purchase additional equipment for voice operation. Both modems are compatible with the V.80 standard, for videophone operation over analog dialup networks.

    The Z34-SC and Z34-PC are available now. The Z34-SC sells for $199. Fax, voice and communications software is included. The Z34-PC sells for $179. Fax, voice and communications software is included. New versions of Z34-SC and Z34-PC modem control software with all improvements and enhancements will be FREE. Registered users can download new versions of modem software in minutes from Zypcom's web site

    Zypcom was founded in 1991 to develop, manufacture and market hardware and software for wide-area-network data communications applications. In 1991, Zypcom purchased Racal-Vadic product lines from Racal-Datacom and has since developed a wide range of high-performance products. The company offers 4-, 8-, 12- and 16-channel asynchronous statistical multiplexers; standalone, rackmount and internal ISA analog modems; modem accessories; SNMP network management and communications software. Zypcom markets products worldwide through distributors, OEMs and systems integrators.

    For more information, contact Zypcom Inc., 29400 Kohoutek Way, Suite 170, Union City, CA 94587-1212. TEL: (510) 324-2501, FAX: (510) 324-2414. * Capable of 56Kbps downloads. However, current regulations limit download speeds to 53Kbps.

    Z34-SC and Z34-PC are trademarks of Zypcom Inc. MS-DOS is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Macintosh is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. UNIX is a registered trademark of UNIX System Laboratories. All other marks are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.


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