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    SNMP/WWW Network Management System for Modem Pools

    • Remote management of modem pools from any PC on a LAN or WWW
    • System with embedded SNMP/WWW/Telnet/FTP servers and 10Base-T connection for direct network connections.
    • Software independent modem management system using standards based protocols
    • System is compatible with popular web browsers and SNMP applications
    • System will configure, monitor, troubleshoot, measure performance in real-time up to 256,000 modems
    • Real-time log file collection for events, alarms and traps

    Union City, California, -- Zypcom, Inc. announces the addition of a network management controller to its Z23CH rackmount modem system. The new network management control card, called the Z3200E, connects directly to a TCP/IP network. The Z3200E can be accessed by any personal computer on a TCP/IP LAN or with access to the world wide web. The Z3200E embeds standards based servers like SNMP, WWW, telnet and FTP for remotely controlling and monitoring sophisticated modem pools anywhere in the world. The Z3200E can be managed and controlled via a standard web browser or by more sophisticated SNMP manager applications like Castle Rock Computing's SNMPc, HP OpenView, IBM NetView or SunNet Manager.

    "We developed the Z3200E network management controller for businesses and ISP's with large numbers of modems at remote points-of-presence (POP). As the numbers of modems grow at remote POPs, so too does the need for management. The Z3200E's 10Base-T and PPP ports allow for flexible access to the card's embedded SNMP and WWW servers. The Z3200E's SNMP agent allows for Zypcom modem pools to be easily incorporated into networks with existing SNMP management systems. The Z3200E controller allows for real-time sophisticated management of remote modems by network administrators whether they are in the office, on the road or at home", states Scott C. Porter, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Zypcom, Inc.

    The Z3200E controller allows a Zypcom Z32CH chassis to connect directly to a TCP/IP network or the internet via a 10Base-T or PPP connection. Management of the chassis and modems includes inventory management, configuration, real-time monitoring, diagnostics, flashing modems or Z3200E firmware, performance analysis and alarm reporting. Control of the Z3200E can be with a standard web browser, a telnet client or SNMP manager, such as ZSNMP, offered by Zypcom. Zypcom sells ZSNMP, an OEM'ed version of SNMPc and bundles custom chassis/modem bitviews for a GUI interface, pre-programmed management reports and Excel macros for data export.

    The Z3200E has a powerful 68EN302 25mHz processor, three serial ports (backplane, PPP port, VT100 command port), Ethernet port (10Base-T) and parallel port (LCD front panel), up to 32MB of SIMM memory and 32MB of flash memory for the Z3200E's firmware and a RAM drive for modem firmware and modem event files. The Z3200E has full front panel control via the jog dial and a 4 x 20 backlit LCD, and a VT100 (RS-232) command port. The 10Base-T (RJ-48) and PPP (RS-232) ports are also provided. All access ports (LCD, 10Base-T, PPP and VT100) can be used simultaneously. The Z3200E's operating system is a real-time multi-tasking kernel running the four embedded servers - SNMP agent, WWW server, FTP server and telnet server.

    The Z3200E's telnet and FTP servers are for those wishing to control the modems and chassis via a command line interface. In the telnet interface one can perform all the same management capabilities available under SNMP and browser access. The FTP server allows for file transfers to and from the Z3200E to maintain firmware files for the modems and Z3200E controller.

    The Z3200E management control card allows for the Z32CH chassis to connect directly to the TCP/IP network via ethernet or PPP. Management of the chassis and modems can be initiated from anywhere else in the world with internet access. Management can take the form of Zypcom's ZSNMP manager or other third party SNMP manager (HP, Sun, IBM, Cabletron) or even a web browser like Netscape or Explorer.

    Using ZSNMP with our built-in GUI interface allows you to view the chassis in real-time just as if you were standing in front of the actual equipment. With ZSNMP, a network manager can easily log modem/chassis events over a day, week month or year, pull up management reports to display the log file and export the data to Excel for further charting and analysis. If management history files are not important, then WWW management offers real-time monitoring and control. Log onto the chassis home page to see if any modem alarms have occurred, change options, maybe even check for dialtone on the telephone lines etc. All of this can be accomplished from anywhere in the world with the Z3200E management card.

    Zypcom was founded in 1991 to develop, manufacture and market hardware and software for wide-area-network data communications applications. In 1991, Zypcom purchased Racal-Vadic product lines from Racal-Datacom and has since developed a wide range of high-performance products. The company offers 4-, 8-, 12- and 16-channel asynchronous statistical multiplexers; standalone, rackmount and internal ISA analog modems; modem accessories and communications software. Zypcom markets products worldwide through distributors, OEMs and systems integrators.

    For more information, contact Zypcom Inc., 29400 Kohoutek Way, Suite 170, Union City, CA 94587-1212. TEL: (510) 324-2501, FAX: (510) 324-2414.

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