External and Rackmount Bell 201 Modems

    • External 2450-PX—Bell 201B/C, synchronous, full or half duplex, 2400 bps operation
    • Connects to 2-wire dial-up line or 2-/4-wire leased lines, point-to-point or multi-point
    • 2450-PX includes a voice/data switch
    • Rackmount 2440-PX—Bell 201B/C, synchronous, full or half duplex, 2400 bps operation
    • Connects to 2-wire dial-up line or 2-/4-wire leased lines, point-to-point or multi-point
    • 2440-PX mounts in 1681C or 1604 chassis
    • Accessories cards include: Bell 801ACU card and 831 asynchronous serial adapter card

    A Variety of Options to Choose From

    The three configurations of the 2450-PX and 2440-PX includes: permissive dial-up, 2-wire leased line and 4-wire leased line. The different configurations are easily changed in a few minutes, providing tremendous application flexibility.

    Bell 201B/C Compatibility

    The 2450-PX and 2440-PX modems are low-cost, high-y reliable replacements for any Bell 201B or Bell 201C modem.

    Dial-up and Leased Lines

    The 2450-PX and 2440-PX modems connect to a dial-up line via RJ11C modular connector. 2-wire or 4-wire applications also connect via RJ11C and operate in a point-to-point or multi-point application.

    High Reliability and Long Life

    The 2450-PX and 2440-PX modems incorporate digital technology to achieve the highest performance and reliability. Low power CMOS components assure a quality modem with long-term stability.

    Voice/Data Switch

    The 2450-PX modem has voice/data and manual answer switches on its front panel so the modem can be operated in conjunction with a standard telephone handset. This feature eliminates the need for special telephones and disables auto-answer when it is not needed.

    Versatile Options

    Users can quickly change the functional operation of the 2450-PX or 2440-PX with a flip of a switch. Careful selection of the options allows users to fine-tune a system for maximum throughput and compatibility.

    Complete Diagnostics

    The 2450-PX and 2440-PX modems have extensive interface displays (LED's) coupled with a full set of diagnostic tests like ALB, forced RTS and end-to-end test features. The modem also has built-in word generator and word comparators to check for errors. If you are looking for a rock solid 201B or 201C modem you will like the Zypcom 2450-PX and 2440-PX modems.


    2450-PX and 2440-PX Modems

    Compatibility 2450-PX: Bell 201B/C

    2440-PX: Bell 201B/C

    Operating Speeds 2400 bps

    Operation 2-wire dial-up, 2-/4-wire leased line, full or half-duplex, point-to-point and multi-point

    Data Format Synchronous: serial, binary

    DTE Interface EIA-232D, ITU-T V.24

    Transmit Levels

    Dial-up: -10 to -43 dBm

    0 to -12 dBm programmable

    Leased line: 0 dBm

    Receiver Sensitivity

    Dial-up: -10 to -43 dBm

    Leased line: 0 to -33 dBm

    Training Time 7.1ms and 160ms

    Clock Timing Internal, external, or slave (slave clock is for 4-wire only)


    Front Panel Keys 2450-PX: Voice/Data and Force Answer

    2440-PX: ALB, RDLB, Transmit reversal

    Chassis Sixteen 2440-PX's will mount in the 1681C, four 2440-PX's will mount in the 1604

    Diagnostics Self-Test (ST), ALB, DLB, End-to-end

    Dimensions 2450-PX: Height: 2.55"; width: 7.0"; length: 12"; weight: 2.2 lbs.

    2440-PX: Height: 6.0"; width: .5"; length: 12.7"; weight: 1.1 lbs.

    Power Requirements 110VAC—95 to 127VAC, 60Hz

    Temperature Operating: 32°-122° F ambient; Store:-4°-158°F; Humidity:5-95%NC

    Compliance 2450-PX: FCC Part 68, Part 15_Class B

    2440-PX: FCC Part 68, Part 15_Class A

    2440-PX Auto-Dialer (requires optional 811 and 831)

    Protocols Bell 801 and Vadic 831 language

    Dialer Type & Data Type: Tone, pulse, and automatic

    Bell 801data: Parallel RS366, binary

    Vadic 831: Asynchronous, serial, 10bit

    Ordering Information

    The 2450-PX includes a telephone cable with RJ11C connector for permissive and leased line connections. The 2440-PX includes a permissive telephone cable with RJ11C connector—P/N 15027-004.

    Models Description

    2450-PX External Bell 201B/C modem

    2440-PX Rackmount Bell 201B/C modem


    15044-004 2440-PX 4-wire leased line cable

    15022-004 2440-PX 2-wire leased line cable

    1681C Sixteen slot chassis for 2440-PX

    1604 Four slot chassis for 2440-PX

    811 Bell 801 rackmount dialer (RS366)

    831 Adapter RS366 to RS232


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