Asynchronous Statistical Multiplexer with Remote Supervisory Control

    • 4, 8, 12 or 16 asynchronous channels
    • Internal 9600 bps leased line modem, external 56Kbps DSU or external 33.6kbps leased line modem
    • Automatic dial backup and restoral for leased line failure
    • Help modem automatically reports alarms and failures
    • Complete diagnostics
    • VT100 control port for local and remote setup and control
    • Field tested and proven reliability
    • 115/230VAC universal power supply

    Network Versatility

    The 7400-Series statistical multiplexer is designed to operate over either the Public Switched telephone network (PSTN) or 2-/4-wire leased lines, offering the efficiency and cost savings of multiplexing for small, local dial-up networks, as well as larger leased line systems.

    Complete System Flexibility

    The 7400-Series multiplexer can be configured for 4 channels and expanded up to 16 channels as your system grows. When leased lines are not required or before they become available, Zypcom dial-up modems allow the 7400 mux to operate in a dial-up mode. In a leased line installation, the mux can configured for a 9600 bps internal modem or 33,600 bps external Zypcom modem. The 7400-Series mux has no hard straps or switches, all options are set by terminal entry and stored in nonvolatile memory. The 7400-Series mux automatically adjusts to the speed of the connected DTE and compensates for any speed difference at the remote channel. And it's compatible with most asynchronous DTE's.

    Automatic Dial Backup and Line Restoral

    To safeguard critical data links, the 7400-Series mux optionally bypasses leased line failure with automatic dial backup using the dial-up network (PSTN). The internal 9600 bps or external 33,600 bps modems automatically switch to the PSTN when the leased line fails, then automatically switch back to the leased line when the line is repaired.

    Local and Remote Control

    The 7400-Series mux provides complete local as well as remote supervisory control so you can manage and troubleshoot your system from anywhere in the world. Supervisory control functions (local and remote muxes) can be accessed from a terminal connected to any mux or through an internal diagnostic help modem over the PSTN. All access methods are password protected for greater system security. The internal diagnostic help modem can be configured to call you automatically if a problem occurs.

    Zypcom Quality

    The Zypcom 7400-Series multiplexer combines network flexibility with performance features that ensure the reliability and security of your data communications links.


    7400-Series Multiplexer

    Channels 4, 8, 12 and 16 asynchronous channels

    Channel Speeds 9600, 4800, 2400, 1200, 600, 300 and 110 bps; autobaud between 9600 and 110 bps

    Data Format 7, 8 ,9 or 10 bit bytes, odd, even and no parity, stop bits 1, 1.5 or 2

    Channel Interface EIA RS-232-D, V.24/V.28, female 25-pin D-sub connector

    Flow Control Xon/Xoff-send only, Xon/Xoff-receive only, Xon/Xoff-send and receive, RTS/CTS; NOTE: Each channel is set individually

    Channel Priority Priority levels 1, 2, 3, 4; NOTE: Each channel is set individually

    Compression Run length; NOTE: Each channel is set individually

    Composite Link Speed: External 56,000bps to 1200bps

    Protocol: Full duplex, modified HDLC

    Error Correction: 16-bit CRC block check with ARQ

    Buffer: Speed conversion buffer and satellite transmission buffer

    Telco Interface: Dial-up, 2-/4-wire leased line

    Dimensions 7440: Height: 3.5"; width: 17.5"; length: 15.0"; weight: 13 lbs.

    74080: Height: 5.25"; width: 17.5"; length: 15.0"; weight: 16 lbs.

    Power Requirements 115/230VAC, 50/60Hz, 55 W (fully loaded at 115VAC)

    Temperature Operating: 32°-122° F ambient; Store: -4°-158°F; Humidity: 5-95%NC

    Compliance FCC Part 68, Part 15_Class A, UL listed

    Ordering Information

    The 7400-Series multiplexer base units (7440 and 74080) do not include a modem. Either 7440 or 74080 includes a control port cable (P/N 91009-076) and an external modem cable (P/N 91009-077). Optional 7402 channel cards will add 4 more channels to the multiplexer.

    Models Description

    7440 4 channel mux, expandable to 8 channels

    74080 8 channel mux, expandable to 16 channels


    7402 4 channel expansion card (maximum 1 for 7440 and 2 for 74080)

    7401D Internal diagnostic modem


    7496 9600 bps internal modem

    Z34-SXL External 33,600 bps dial-up or leased line modem


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