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    Welcome to Zypcom

    Zypcom, Inc. designs and manufactures analog modems for networking professionals. These modems include 56Kbps and 33.6Kbps faxmodems, modems with voice and video features, as well as SNMP network-managed modems. In addition to our commercial-grade, high-speed modems, we offer legacy modems that support Bell standards 202S/T, 202S, 202T, 201B/C, 201C, 208A/B, 208B and V.29. Zypcom modems can replace modems no longer made by AT&T, GDC, Hayes, Microcom, Motorola ( Codex and UDS ), Multi-Tech, Paradyne, Penril, Racal-Milgo, Racal-Vadic, Telebit and U.S. Robotics. We offer modem expertise, a broad product line and custom OEM modem development capabilities that are unsurpassed in our industry.

    NEW!! SNMP Modem Management for Z32CH Rack System
    Year 2000 Compliance
    V.90 56Kbps C-Series Modems
    V.90 Industrial Modems
    Distributor Sales Promotion

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